Favorite Design Trends For 2017

Inspirations for design are ever-evolving. And I’m absolutely loving some of them right now! Design trends are influenced by culture and fashion—among many other variables. Some of our favorite trends are looks that have been around before, just with some new added influences. Check out some of our favorites below.


I’m always loving loads of texture that create visually interesting spaces without feeling overwhelming. This straightforward vanity configuration lets the interest of the materials and finishes steal the show. Quarter cut and rift oak have quickly become my love language and then add in the cerused finish seen in this photo to really highlight the grain—and I’m sold.

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I used to fall into the trap of thinking I needed all my metals to be stainless or brushed nickel but where is the fun in that? Matte black from the window mullions is echoed in the floating shelving unit and then paired with a polished nickel faucet and a brushed brass inlay on the base cabinetry. The result is a space that feels current and like it isn’t trying too hard.

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I’ve never been more over the standard stainless “chimney style” range hood. A kickass range hood is such an opportunity to make a statement. This dark metal hood contrasts beautifully with the surrounding muted tones and ties in with the matte black cabinet hardware for a space that makes an impact without being overwhelming.

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The architectural details in this space, such as the heavy wall paneling and crown molding and the marble fireplace, are accented further by the chandelier and chairs that provide an abstract architectural element of their own. This space feels modern and clean but does not lack for interest in the slightest.

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Sure, the all-white kitchen is a classic look, but I much prefer a space that radiates warmth and draws you in with an abundance of tones and textures.

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This light finish on a white oak has me feeling everything lately. This tone is the perfect warm neutral that blends seamlessly with grey tones or warm browns and creams giving it immense versatility while feeling high end and classic.

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Trends change every year! Be on the lookout for the latest looks right here on our blog.


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